Eleanor Dare Taylor Kennedy Log Cabin Walker Avenue Works Progress Administration WPA

The Little Log Cabin on the Campus

The Log Cabin

It must have been an odd sight to see a log cabin on the back of a truck, being slowly moved off campus to its new home. In July of 1990, when the building was removed from its original location on the corner of Walker Avenue and Aycock Street, it had stood on The University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s campus for fifty-five years.

Originally a Works Progress Administration (WPA) project during the Great Depression, it served a variety of purposes throughout the years. Initially, it was used by students for meetings and outings – even for small dances. Later, when the campus’ nine-hole golf course was completed, it became associated with the school’s golf program. After World War II, a faculty member and her family actually lived in the cabin, as post-war housing was hard to find. The interior was designed as one large room, but it was later divided into several smaller rooms when used as a residence.

Moving Day

The cabin served as offices for athletic staff from 1976, until The Health and Human Performance Building (HHP) opened in 1989. Eventually, the cabin was forced to make way for campus expansion. It had been slated for demolition when Eleanor Dare Taylor Kennedy (Class of 1945) stepped in and purchased the building from UNCG. She paid the additional sum of $9000 to have it moved to a lot on Walker Avenue – barely a half mile off campus.

Eleanor Dare Taylor Kennedy with Her Cabin

After almost twenty-five years in its current location, the little log cabin is barely noticeable next to the other residences on Walker Avenue. Few people recognize it as an early UNCG building, with a rich history of campus service.  

By Kathelene McCarty Smith

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