Bryan School of Business and Economics Joseph M. Bryan

Naming of the Joseph M. Bryan Building

After operating for ten years in various locations around campus, the School of Business and Economics finally had a permanent home when the School of Business and Economics building opened in January 1980. Construction began on the building project in 1977 and the 123,000 square foot reinforced concrete structure was completed million in November 1979 […]

Harry Barton Mary Channing Coleman North Carolina College for Women Outdoor Gymnasium

The Outdoor Gymnasium

Outdoor Gymnasium Physical education was an important part of the curriculum of the North Carolina College for Women (now UNCG). The program was expanded in the early 1920s to include gymnastics, outdoor sports, and folk and aesthetic dancing. New space was desperately needed to provide a sheltered area for outdoor sports and additional room for […]

Archie Shaftesbury Beaufort biology The North Carolina College for Women zoology

Summer Studies at the Shore

On June 15, 1931, Archie D. Shaftesbury, Associate Professor of Zoology at the North Carolina College for Women (now UNCG) wrote Mary Taylor Moor, the school’s registrar, regarding a proposal “to conduct a three weeks summer term in zoology at Beaufort during this and succeeding summers.” Shaftesbury emphasized that “it is our intention to reserve […]

alumni Lucille Pugh State Normal and Industrial School

Lucille Pugh: Woman Lawyer

On April 28, 1899, Lucille Pugh of Lewiston in Eastern North Carolina wrote Charles Duncan McIver to petition for admittance to the State Normal and Industrial School. Pugh was the daughter of a cotton farmer, and, like many students who wrote McIver, her family was not able to cover the cost of tuition, room, and […]