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Buddy Gist, the Man Behind the Miles Davis Trumpet

The Miles Davis Trumpet is listed on the UNCG Bucket List Passing through the atrium of the Music Building, it is easy to overlook the modest exhibit featuring a trumpet. It is in a small case, dwarfed by its surroundings. Even upon reading the plaque, it is difficult to believe that the trumpet belonging to […]

African Americans Charles Adams Edward Kidder Graham Jackson Library Woman's College

African Americans and WC Library Use Prior to Desegregation

In February 1951, UNC System Trustee (and vocal segregationist) John W. Clark contacted Woman’s College Chancellor Edward Kidder Graham to inquire about faculty members’ support of integration and college policies regarding campus facilities and resources. In investigating Clark’s questions, Graham found that the Library (which had just moved in to its new building) allowed limited […]

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The Motown Invasion of 1968/69

18 year old Stevie Wonder during his1968 UNCG performance (p. 54) In the late 1960s and into the early 1970s, the advancing struggle for civil rights infused nearly every facet of the UNCG and the Greensboro community. The Greensboro environment of this time, while being a volatile scene for race relations, enjoyed musical performances from […]

African Americans Ezekiel Robinson State Normal and Industrial School

Early African American Campus Employees

While African American students were banned from enrolling at the school now known as UNCG prior to 1956, the campus during its earlier years operated primarily on the labor of African American men and women who served as cooks, janitors, handymen, and others who worked behind the scenes. Ezekiel “Zeke” Robinson Little is known about […]