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The Black Arts Forum and Black History Month Celebrations at UNCG, 1969-1985

In its first full year of recognition and funding from the Student Government Association, the Neo-Black Society focused much of its programming on the sponsorship of black cultural events and speakers on the UNCG campus. The 1969-1970 academic year saw the launch of the annual Black Arts Forum, featuring a performance by “The Believers” (a […]

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African American Faculty Members at UNCG, 1967-1969

While the Woman’s College (now UNCG) student body was desegregated in 1956 (for more information see this post), the faculty did not include any African Americans for more than a decade. In fact, in 1964, the UNCG faculty council actually defeated by a narrow margin a resolution endorsing “the merit employment of faculty and staff […]

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Restoration of Neo-Black Society Funding and the Ensuing Challenges, 1973

In the last two Spartan Stories, we looked at the founding of UNCG’s Neo-Black Society (NBS) and the Spring 1973 Student Government Association (SGA) challenge to the organization’s funding. At the end of last week’s Spartan Stories post, UNCG Chancellor James Ferguson formed a faculty committee to investigate the Student Student Senate’s March 1973 decision to […]

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Neo-Black Society at Risk: The 1973 Challenge of NBS’s Funding

In last week’s Spartan Stories post, we looked at the 1967 Black Power Forum and its impact on the founding of UNCG’s Neo-Black Society (NBS) in 1968. The founding of the NBS, however, did not come without controversy. Some students accused the NBS of “reverse racism,” claiming that they refused to admit white students to […]

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The Founding Years of UNCG’s Neo-Black Society, 1968-1973

In November 1967, UNCG hosted a Black Power Forum, organized in large part by the UNCG Student Government Association to “inform students and faculty members of this movement and its actions and to give us a chance to discuss Black Power, its history, its political and social implications for us and the nation.” The forum […]