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Dixie Lee Bryant and Scientific Study at State Normal

When the doors opened for the first students at State Normal in October 1892, students were able to follow three general courses of study: domestic science, business, and “normal” (teacher education). The “normal” program extended beyond pedagogy studies to include the arts, humanities, and sciences. Dixie Lee Bryant Leading the science department was Dixie Lee […]

Charles D. McIver State Normal and Industrial School

Personal Accounts of Charles D. McIver

The general facts of the life of Charles Duncan McIver, the founding president of State Normal, are well documented. These include his birth on September 27, 1860, his strong commitment to education, the founding of the State Normal and Industrial School in 1891, and his untimely death at the age of 45. Often overlooked, however, […]

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The Speaker Ban Law and the Controversy over Academic Freedom at North Carolina Universities

On June 26, 1963, just before session adjournment, the North Carolina legislature ratified H.B. 1395, titled “an act to regulate visiting speakers at state supported colleges and universities.” This bill decreed that no college or university receiving state funding in North Carolina was allowed to host a speaker who “(A) is a known member of […]

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Melville Fort, Early Advocate of Art Education

Melville Fort (p. 15) Miss Melville Vincent Fort taught art. She may not have been as fashionable as Latin professor Viola Boddie or as majestic as Lady Principal Sue May Kirkland, but she was witty, intelligent, and friendly – a favorite with the faculty and students. Yet while many members of the original faculty have […]

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Votes for Women! Suffrage on the State Normal and Industrial College Campus

Harriet Elliott The suffrage movement on the campus of the State Normal and Industrial College (now The University of North Carolina at Greensboro) had its start in the early years of the college’s history. It reflected the larger interest in the vote for women, which was spreading throughout the state. The North Carolina Woman’s Suffrage […]