Caesar Cone Pearl Eugenia Wyche State Normal and Industrial School typhoid

Pearl Eugenia Wyche, class of 1903

Pearl Eugenia Wyche, born in 1878 in Vance County, North Carolina, attended the State Normal and Industrial School for Women (which is now The University of North Carolina at Greensboro) from 1897-1903. During her time at the Normal School, she had some unique work and social experiences which separated her from her classmates. She served […]

Minerva University seal

The Many Faces of Minerva

1894 Minerva has been with the university almost since its inception, but her image has undergone many transformations during her tenure as UNCG’s representative goddess.  The first extant image appears on an 1894 diploma.  Indeed, many of the very early images we have of Minerva come from diplomas bearing the university seal. 1897 The next seal, […]

African Americans Charles D. McIver Ezekiel Robinson founding

Ezekiel “Zeke” Robinson

Robinson with the college’s horse and buggy When the doors opened at the State Normal and Industrial School (now UNCG) on October 5, 1892, school president Charles Duncan McIver had 15 well-qualified faculty members and nearly 200 young female students. While cooks, janitors, handymen, and others worked behind the scenes to keep the school running, […]

athletics basketball men's athletics Spartan mascot

The Birth of the Spartans

One year after the era of co-education was ushered in with the enrollment of male undergraduates in 1964, Frank Pleasants was hired to coordinate competitive athletics for male students at UNCG. Campus administrators saw a robust athletic program as a significant way of encouraging male enrollment. UNCG men’s basketball head coach Jim Swiggett (p. 175) […]